Saturday, May 18, 2013

Give Your Cousin a Hug

hahaha oh dad i love you. seriously i was all hey sister porter
... yeah
we're 12th cousins
no. way. (oh i love it)
then sister storey is all... sorry we're not cousins
me: one day, one day....

hahah speaking of family history elder Nelson and his wife just came up on sunday... or tuesday and talked to us. about family history work especially. did you know the spirit of elijah is a real thing? obviously some like me are slower then others. but sis Nelson talked about how thousand maybe millions of people on the other side are praying for us to baptize their posterity so they can have their temple work done. ooohhhhh.... well yay for extra pressure and a large audience. i will do my best! but it really was so cool. she said we could call for help from the other side by name, character or attribute. how cool is that? *yes id like one of the strippling warriors please to be with me today. that'd be peachy.* k pretty sure its just like ancestors and people you've done your work for but STILL. elder nelson was on the ball too. man do i love the people in charge of the church. they're so funny. it's like they hide their funny bones until they get in small settings then they cut loose and you die laughing.

Sooooo i really don't know what to tell ya'll about this week except homesickness comes in waves. NEVER like it was at college. not even close. i was the most home sick thing since.... ever. but i just have these like minutes of sadness... where im just like oh... well... i miss home. im gunna miss my district. im gunna miss my comps ( who are the best thing since swiss cheese... swiss cheese is pretty darn great i might add) daaaahhh and im going to the land of spiders and rats the size of cats and a people that are just sooooo kind. did i tell you we skyped philippines on thursday? oh well we skyped philippines on thursday for TRC. i seriously love filipinos. already. still waiting for the time we can stay out to jump up because i KNOW im not going to want to leave them.

May i tell you about volleyball? jolly good. ha its not like you have a choice so here goes. i killed it. friday was seriously the funnest day of pe yet. i was spiking and blocking (k maybe it was just once but i think im ready to play on the byu mens team hellllloooooo!) and bumping and not so much setting cuz im no good at it. but i seriously felt like a polynesian. if you didnt know. polys KIIIIIIIILLLLLL at volleyball. its like ingrained in their genes. and like half the people going to the philippines here are. (not really but it seems like it when you're on the court and every time you look up a polynesian elder is spiking it mock 80 at your face) so im trying to become like them. ive lost my will to run and replaced it with volleyball. a good choice? eh. maybe not the healthiest. but ill die happy with a volleyball smash to the face. twill be inspiring. Volleyball. i hate it, but i love it ;) (thats a tony quote from p90x if you didn't catch it)
So i got a letter from radelle at boot camp. i seriously jumped out of my skin with joy. then she told me about boot camp. it sounds like death killed twice over. oh man is she going to come back and be able to do anything. but so am i. sometimes i just marvel at how the mtc and the army/navy/airforce really forces people to grow up. in toooootttallly different ways. i really think she is just so strong. she said theres no way she could do it with out the lord and i second the motion. you need the lord in everything. EVVVRREERYYYYTHING. or life just basically... is lame. truth.  
well ive got to jump. know i love ya'll. sorry this hasn't been the exciting... est. but life is great and im flipping out cuz i feel inadequate to go to the philippines. but i go anyway. trusting in God. Nephi 3:7 status. love you.
mom ill have to send home my suu password via mail and i don't know my t bird number anymore but it started with like two 00's maybe you could find a paper somwhere with it on it... thank you for helping me though even when im not there. i sent home a box the size of kentucky. it was like 5 bucks. yay mtc discount. please put the two boxes inside straight into storage but the candy and gifts are all ya'lls :) im not sure when my flight is from the salt lake airport but ill probably call in seattle sometime.... i dunno. expect a call sometime between 830 and like 2... sorry. ill just keep the phone open! ill call the home phone. and we can chat for abit and cry for a bit and all
mahal kita erbody
love me :)

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