Monday, October 14, 2013

19 going on Jeffery Holland.

(sorry every body I am behind on the post but here is her most recent one)

Ok... hmmm ha what I typically eat... sandwiches. 

I know exciting eh? ha actually I eat pancit sometimes, and noodles. Rice is also big, it is also my enemy... I shall not conform to popular beliefs.  RESIST. Ha um I had sesame noodles this week. lots of pancit. sometimes pancakes :) yesss they still have pancakes. Basically food you can cook without a microwave or oven. Lots of veggies. Sometimes I like egg plant and egg, tuna and egg over rice is good. I'll just cook for you like chef tony when I get back :) 

Weather... uh rainy. We've got mountains near by. The real storms are up north in like sanchez maria. Lets pray I go there :) really I am. I want to see it STORM. 

Ha dad that made me laugh about moses and abraham because most people here haven't heard of them either. If they have its like whoa! ang galing po kayo! (you're so smart!) then they throw out a name like Isaiah and its like watch out here comes heart failure. 

OOOOK so you would not believe this week. FIRST: DID YOU SEE CONFERENCE (pardon the delayed reaction but we just saw it yesterday) MAN ARE THEY CALLED OF GOD OR WHAT??? wow. I went around asking what was everyone's favorite was and they were all different for everyone. 

Revelation is real. prayers are answered... speaking of... ha so our some leader in our ward are basically inactive. 2 of them haven't been in months. both rm's. So this weeks letter is entitled 19 going on Jeffery Holland. 

that's right. I went and taught them. I was praying like you would not believe. I said Heavenly Father. I don't know how to call out a high up leader. Help me. I kid you not words just come to you. All those scriptures about your mouth being filled are true. You just have to start talking and have the confidence in the things you testify. God takes over.

 I basically told them they've been breaking the law of the Sabbath  I know you need a job. but you need salvation more. I said "who's will do you value more the lords or your bosses" k. I've never been so bold; but it was the way they reacted that was the craziest. 

The one was like yeah... you're right. I'm going to start looking for a new job. The other got MAJORLY DEFENSIVE. I was like whoa. chiiiiilll duuuuude. 

Basically I offended one of them. Yup. I was freaking out so I texted president. He said "if he doesn't get offended he'll just be grateful that your reminded him. Crying repentance is just like giving a bitter pill to someone who is sick and take the bitter pill to be healed" so. yup. 

I hope he doesn't hate me but its like in mosiah 13. at the beginning. read it. Abinadi. He's the former Jeffery R. Holland. umm.. 

What else. I had another investigator ask if I had a boy friend (me naievely replying to that with) no... then he goes can I apply? (sound familiar barb ;) it resulted much the same way though) I was all uhh... no. and then a kid from the ymca here texted me saying he missed me. you're a dork. I've met you once. and you bible bashed with me. go. away. 

ha ok miracle for the week. so I hit 6 months and with it this mile stone. I. Love. This. Work. SOOOO SO MUCH. but I've always prayed to be transferred. I'm just thinking no one wants to be baptized, the leaders are all trunky and its struggle town. But for the first time this week I prayed... to stay. I beeeegggggeeed heavenly father to let me stay. I love this ward with all my heart. It's not about the baptisms now.

siyempre I want baptisms. but no its about blooming where you're planted (a quote from April conference). There once was a lady who was wondering why her grand son had gone off the deep end while she worked so hard to be good. Heavenly Father said I gave him to you because I knew you'd love him no matter what he did. Bring on the struggle. 

NO body knows this area like me and I want to stay and help them. there is so much potential. Heavenly Father is so great he let me be part of the change. DAAAAAHHHH THIS WORK IS SOOOOO COOOL!!!!! talaga. 

Funny story last night an investigator gave us pepsi. I don't drink pepsi so I'm like sister mcphie you drink it under my breath. so she starts downing hers while I stall the conversation talking about Avril Levine. She was on a poster on their wall. yeeeaah. she totally noticed I slipped her my pepsi. whatevs. not smooth. itsss oooh k! love you all. mom 3 nephi 18:32. keep up the work and your uphill climb. I love you all! I want to serve forever. No lie. this work is amazing. 

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