Sunday, November 24, 2013

(sorry it has been forever since we updated Rachel's blog. We will get back on it promise! here is her most recent letter) 
Nah the typhoon did squat here. just windy. noooo problema. haha soooo um yeah. thanks mom. that's like actually just my problem. I have half a bajillion people that want to be baptize and they all live 30 pesos worth out side of town. haha. yeah. what am I complaining about. 

This week I learned that ALL missionaries. no matter how obedient or diligent or whatever aren't always going to baptize. *cough* laoag *cough* dead area... sorta. Man I worked HARD there. but then I come here and they're all yeah I want to go to church. yeah I want to be baptized on your birthday. pffft ok! We can arrange that. They don't even know me. These people are truly converted to the gospel. I didn't do anything. Heavenly Father just gave me a plot to reap like mad for now. YUP so that's what I'm doing. And its all cuz of the members. All of them are friends or family of members. SO YA'LL GET OUT THERE BE BOLD AND TELL YOUR FAMILIES TO REPENT AND BE BAPTIZED. then you'll see a bunch of happy missionaries like me *insert cheesey smiling face* at your house all the time. Want to know what else??? IVE GOT AN EXTRA HALF HOUR TO EMAIL. yeeeesssss yeessssss wen (yes) si (yes)


so yeah. this place is a whole tub of fun. Every few days we go to solsona. and we pass by these carribou (carry-bow) their names are bessie and tess. or at least they should be. Also every morning I wake up to.... (cuz we live in the parkinglot of a school and the guard likes to pump his music) ONE... you're like a dream come truuuuue TWO just want to be with youuuuu THREE I just want you to see that you're the onllllyyy one for meeee FOUR! ... and on and on.
 well good morning to you too! hahaha

yeah. ;hmmm what else. they call me sister barbie? haha one of the high couselmans daughters hath appointed that name to me. Yes I'm tall white and have blue eyes. I suppose you may call me sister barbie.  sorry no super cool stories this week but here's some picture. I'm going to go out and try to baptize a nation now;) with the Lords help. MAN  I am SO lucky. I love this work. I love the Lord. and I LOOOOOVVVVEEE YOU ALL. have an awesome thanksgiving!!!! whenever that is... 
-sister hansen

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