Sunday, December 8, 2013


Oh my goodness.... dad thank you for the updates. i feel for ali. You all should write her or something. and pray like mad for her. that would be sooo hard. pray pray pray. k since ya'll are so keen on pictures ill send ya some :) ha this is me at one of our baptismal dates houses. 

she wasn't home... so naturally i decided to practice my pig (baboy) whispering skills. and im not touching it cuz thats BAWAL. but we obviously are having a conection in this shot. Man can i just tell you about dingras? and solsona. we have like 11 people that want to be baptized this month. haha one of them got up on sunday in relief society and told us how she knows its true and how before she didn't have time to go to church because she was busy with pigs and such but then she went and she knows its true. these people are such an example to me.

this is pinky. she's a lot better with posing with the pig than i am. she's nine and read half the book of mormon. Her and her mom will be baptized this month if they keep coming to church. angel child. hahaha k funny moment of the week. actually most disgusting moment of the week. so we're chilling waiting for estela who's in her interview. Anyway so its alvin sister Banabatac Ian and elder Rodrigo. well theres this pesky fly... tries to land in my ear. well that's annoying. well that wasn't enough so it went for my lip. k that's gross stay out of my mouth pesssst. nope. it had to go the whole nine yards. so you know in princess and the frog how ray goes "a bugs got to dooo what a bugs got to doooooo!" flies up the dudes nose and he's all what in the world! plugs a nostril and blows him out. yeah i did that. with not even that much grace. pathetic. 

yeah... this is my thanksgiving... paaaarrrtttaaah. i was true my word. i ate an egg sandwich. and juice. i party like that. oh! ha i got to tell you so our conference for christmas is coming up. so we're learning this dance. lucky for me theres four different groups with different parts but one is basically the chicken dance. so theres like 12 20 year old sisters running in a circle flapping their wings and smiling of course! hahaahah k i die everytime.

hahahahahahah ok this is probably my favorite. because liahonas from like 2002 are just this great. what were they meant to be? clearly charlies angels. hahahah ok. its tooo good. i just die to my self sometimes laughing.

hahahahaha ok just look at the guys face in the upper corner. he looks like edward just about the eat bella. hahaah ok yeah this is my etertainment. now you know the real me. also a quote for you all " Behold i speak with boldness, having authority from God; and i fear not what man can do; for perfect love casteth out all fear" -mormon (moroni 8:16)

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