Monday, September 23, 2013

hmmm... well. we have an investigator with 4 dogs?

Ha so this week wasn't soooo exciting. Not that the other ones were either but at least typhoid and dengue make for a good story. 

We had zone conference and I saw like 50 bajillion missionaries. including Sister Gadiano, Sister Storey, and Sister Porter again. soooo good. I love them. oh. ha k well since I'm sure you're DYING to know I'll just let you know what I did with my hair.

 I got it rebonded monday. Wouldn't recommend it in America. Its probably like half a bazillion dollars there. or at least over 100. but its pretty much a chemical straighten. Its suuuper convenient. 

So our star investigator who started avoiding us for like 3 weeks told us its not her time and pretty much not to come back. um. ok. blow off salvation. It's not your time?? This is eternity we're talking about MAKE TIME. Silly siya. So I hate it when investigators go former. but we found some new ones. 

One is named Maria. She has 4 dogs. Pretty sure they'd eat me if they weren't tied up and behind a fense. ha every time we go over its like where's our welcoming committee? "tao po! (what you say to knock doors)" BARK BARK BARK. Oh there you are. Seriously they go berzerk. but she is progressing good. And her son too. He's all how did Christ perform the atonement? Do you want me to try to get all deep in tagalog cuz I'm pretty sure it'd be ugly. but I tried anyway.

 This whole work is a miracle. Man I just want to be the boldest most outgoing missionary ever but sometimes satan is all. no. Don't talk to that person you just got a prompting to talk to. Be quiet satan. you're dumb. I've got work to do. and souls to save. 

Oh there was a typhoon. Thought you should know. This wasn't a drizzle. This was a rain flying directly horizontal so bad its like a white out... but for rain sorta deal. so we stayed in. we went to the eddingtons and google mapped our house. Ah. I miss you all. but you all are probably wondering. Why is she talking about the weather. isn't that what people talk about when there's nothing else? Well that's about where my small talking skills are right now so I'm going with it. 

I still love pinoys more then anything. Every day brings new adventures and challenges. So you face them. Hmmm... a good scripture for this week is in Jacob 6. about weaknesses. really we all just need to be humbler. Like the savior. True fact. weaknesses are a blessing because they give us something to work on. When you've got no goals or anything to work for you're digressing. Weaknesses are opportunities and they rock. So do you all. Party on!

-love sister hansen 

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