Monday, September 16, 2013

ha... and i thought it was chikungunya

yeahhhh..... um. Don't freak out. Cuz im still alive. I decided this last week. chikungunya? pffft llllaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee.... lets go the whole nine yards. 

So I went and got dengue instead. oh. ha and then that wasn't fun enough apparently, for the hard core Sister Hansen. So I got typhoid fever on top of it. 2 virutally non existant diseases in the US. so I would've been hospitalized for one of them.. but then I had both. So yeah. totally hospitalized. 

Remember when I was like 10 and Hannah went to the hospital and I was jealous. What 10 year old doesn't want a moving bed and tv all day? I mean really. Well its a little different then I imagined. my blood platlet level was so low they were withdrawing my blood every 6 hours. No fear of needles now. thats a plus. and I got stabbed multiple times in my finger tips, and the typhoid started to fill my lungs with water... and it was hard to breathe... and I had a temperature of a 104... and ha.

 Mom and Dad. let me interrupt. k I'm FIIIINNNNNNEEE now. In case your freaking out :) but I'm hard core. Its how I roll. but lets just say it was probably the hardest most painful week of my whole life. I was SO homesick. I was all crying and like all I want in life is high school musical and a hot bath. *sniff sniff* is that to much to ask??? ha but Heavenly Father loves me. As do the other missionaries here and especially my mission president and wife.

 I got like 3 blessings, the one from president said that there were many souls still waiting for me. and of course that I'd recover and all. and I remembered stake presidents setting apart blessing that is all I bless you with protection from everything and it's dog pretty much... (see small print: apparently excludes needles and pain and suffering) but my testimony of the atonement has gone WAY up. Christ loves us all SO so SO so MUCH!!! its seriously unfathomable. 

This gospel is real. and I'm walking and shopping and living it up and pretty much back to normal health again. Party hardy in the pines. Don't worry about me. The lord has my back. I'll go out and baptize some nations now. party on like Donkey Kong  I love and miss you all so much! but I've got work to do

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