Tuesday, September 10, 2013

chikungunya. what a lame name

This is the story of how  I died... (tangled quote) so as I lay awake last night i tried to think of clever ways to start this, and thats is all I got. But yeah. Soooo chikungunya... chicken goon yeah!... chicken... birdflu!! DDDEEEAAATTTH!!! that's kinda how things escalate around here. 

So you may be asking yourself. What IS she going off about? Have you heard of dengue? Well this is its counter part evil twin. You get it from mosquitoes. But the best part is... wait for it... ITS NOT CURABLE! yayayaya. ha. no its just a virus so you have to chill and die while you wait for your body to kill it. 

anyway... yeah I got it. Friday night. I've been bed ridden like 3 days. ew. its like fever. check. chills. check. nauseous. check. head ache. check. rash. check. only thing I haven't done yet is vomit. so thats a bonus.

 ha but before you frweak out ( yeah that's totally a typo in freak but I decided that sounded cooler after all) just know my President and Sis Barrientos take good care of us. She's a nurse. And i have 3 of the most motherly missionaries in my appartment. Baby me to the max. Do my wash and make me lay down and make me soup. I seriously feel like such a pansy. I'll just be like will you peel my grapes now? ha joke. I love them all.

I got a blood test at the hospital this morning. She was the most magaling nurse I've ever met. (basically awesome) she found my vein in like 2 second and it didn't ever hurt. Yay for competent nurses. But yeah I'm feeling a little better now. I think im on the up hill swing now.

 but last night. (here comes the spiritual phenomenon) I was seriously done. The previous night I had had a panic attack when I took some medicine on an empty stomach so I was scared to go to sleep and Elder Eddington(senior couple next door) had given me a blessing (along with rice pudding and a liter of spirite... my neighbor is cooler then most of yours. its a fact) but in this blessing he blessed me with some things that I'd pretty much been feeling the exact opposite. So I was like what am I doing?? I'm just dying slowly in the pines. and I just started to cry. pitiful. Pretend it didn't happen though. but then we were saying our prayer before bed. sis mcphie goes who says it. and I said ako (me). and I folded my arms. closed my eyes. and just started BAAALLLLIIINNNNGGGG. It was seriously the most pitiful, desperate, begging, sincere prayer I've ever said in my whole life. I testify that Heavenly Father is REALLY there. and he really listens. 

I don't know if you all remember the talk given my Jeffery R. Holland  he talks about why isn't this(missionary work) easier. and why aren't people just lining up for baptism but then he says: this isn't easy because salvation is not a cheap experience. why should we expect it to be easy when it was never ever easy for Him. and he talks about that when we're struggling the most is when we take a few steps into Gethsemane and that's when we stand with the savior. My testimony grew last night. I know that the savior lived and died for us. He can enable us because he's been there. he knows what we need. I felt comforted after my prayer. not healed. but a little better. This church is true. I'll share more adventures next week. but just know I'm doing good. I'm not writing my last will and testament... yet ;) joke. but I love you all!

-sister hansen

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