Wednesday, September 4, 2013

eh. punted.

(sorry this letter is waaaay late, its been crazy this is her letter from two weeks ago- hannah)
So this week wasn't all sunshine and beaches. and peaches. theres no peaches here. and actually it rained like the whole week. one day we actually had to stay in because 2 missionaries somewhere got more then they bargained for when they were electrocuted walking through standing water that was it. lame sauce right? 

hmmm k. lets dwell on the positives. even though we got like no lessons and were punted beyond belief there was miracles! one: our bible bashing nanay (but not really a bible basher but she spends literally ALL day reading the bom and bible) bore her testimony of sorts to this random teen sitting in our lesson. I think we'll baptize him :) 

Lets just baptize everyone. The spirit really has been guiding me in this work. for example. last week I mentioned Jerry. yeah well we went to house once and we didn't really know why and then he was there so we're all we'll teach you! 

Then once when we were trying to give directions to a tricee driver he didn't really understand but under some miracle he just kinda went to the right place. I was all whaaaa? then jerry texted us bible bashing question,  and we were all "we really got to answer this face to face" and he didn't reply but then later we're walking by his house and guess who happens to get off school at the same time? well hello jerry... we've been waiting for you.. (ha not. we're not that creepy of missionaries... yet) and we taught him.

 Its seriously awesome what and who the spirit will lead you to if you let him. This latest picture is of me. creepin on my burrito. when mexico meets the philippines its truly a beautiful thing. ha we taught some other lessons this week and I really felt the spirit testifying through me... cool experience wont lie. im all brotha (or sister) THIS IS FOR YOOOU! (Like jullian smith hot koolaide) AND I DID IT BECAUSE I LOVE YOU! and then they're all IM NOT DRINKING IT (spiritually speaking) and them im like.... lame. gah. oh well. after the sunshine comes the rainbows. and pegasai (a popular myth here).  and butterflies. and cock roaches. but we'll ignore those. well thats all for now folks. Keep me in your prayers the whole 2 language thing is an adventure. party on! k well the picture I was GOING TO send was with a burrito. it didn't work so use your imagination :) love you. the work goes on
sister hansen

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