Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2nd letter

I serious am going to put the smack down on some of those stupid doctors of moms if they don't get their heads screwed on straight here soon. i really hope its just a hiccup and she gets better super fast. in fact i hoped so soooo much i put moms yours and a few others names on the prayer roll because its good for you. and you all need something im sure that im just not aware of. anyway sooooo fun happening of the week....
ELDER SCOTT CAME AND TALKED TO US!!!! ha! not only that but he left an apostolic blessing on us as missionaries THEN he interupted the girl about to give the closing prayer in front of everyone and continued the apostolic blessing. HOO RA for men of God. they make my day... no week... scratch that lets go with life. Really though cuz they make me want to be so much better. ill write you a letter of what he said cuz i don't have too much time now. sooo tag a log... is... coming. sorta. i feel like a failure and i speak probably as well as baby eli speaks english but minus the cuteness that sails him through it. aw man. im going to have to figure out how he does it someday. i miss babies. i miss sunshine and chilling on the grass listening to music. no music here. but am i complaining? nooooooo it is one of our district goals (yours truly came up with) and we are doing SMASHING i might add. sorta. but we do say 3 nice things about whatever we complained about after we complained about it and we all keep eachother on track because we don't want to be laman and lemuel complain and gossip status. they're dumb. someone in the scriptures had to be. poor nephi. HA funny thing. last sunday we had pretty much the funniest older mormon lady alive come and talk to us. she killed me. at one point she was like DOOOONNNT TOUCH THE ELDERS.... but keep track of the ones you'd like to touch so post mission you can find them at a reunion. she was awesome. she was the first lady to go to the philippines taiwan and somewhere else mission way back then. sweet huh? but anyway so we say bawal (forbidden) when ever any sister in our district is getting a little to friendly. its fun. its all BAWAL BAWAL BAWAL all the time. makes me laugh. and the other day this elder all innocently tries to tap sister morrell on the arm and like 6 girls (automatic reaction) scream DOOOOONNNT TOUCH HER!!!!! The poor elders probably been scarred for life. and his comps. hahah it was awesome tho. flirting is bad here. but we watched this talk by elder bednar on sunday called characters of christ. if you can youtube it or something i promise you'll never regret it. its like the best thing this side of the mississippi. we had a small melt down this week one day when we were all homesick and everything and we just all balled and bore testimonies and stuff. loved it. i cry like a baby here. someone spiked my tear glands in my sleep cuz they're quite over reactive. its just like take a chill pill already. so ive got to go soon but thank you so much for  your package. you guys dont know HOW much letters and packages mean out here. im such a punk for not writing people in the past. it couldve made their day. so pleeeeaaseee write me, email me( again i can email ANYONE now) and dear elder me!!! ( we get them daily) hannah please show mum how to do it. and dad. pleeeeaase. i love you. i love ALLLL OF YOU. i miss you like you wouldn't believe and pray about you even more. i beg my heavenly father to watch over you and keep you safe if its the only thing he does for me all mission. but he does so much more for me anyway. his will be done in all things. im striving to follow it. obediance is hard! how did christ do it. ( i almost said some people kids but that includes us cuz we're all God's children)
sorry i didnt say more to your letters personally but i cant remember it all. ill write a long letter to address it. i love you much. mahal kita( thats about all i can say i struggle. lets be honest. with this language)
sister hansen
ps: thanks for the little scriptures dad they make me happy :) im still finding slip of paper in my bags
ciao(any filipino missionary here would be mad i said that cuz its technically italian. im over it)
pss: i run like a gypsie. if gypsies run. i dunno but i ran 40 minutes straight the other day. a new record. ha i was pretty proud. ive got my swim body back. tis the oddest thing. im getting buffer in the mtc rather then weaker. and i still eat like a horse. that is messy and A LOT. hahahha its ok . its how i roll.. but no body runs longer then me on the track. no one. i outrun the xc boys and girls and the lifters. the closest is this army chick. but it feels great. maybe i got a little of dads genes mixed with moms football/tennis arm after all. life is good :)

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