Thursday, April 18, 2013

elllllloooooo salam and good evening to you

So you know how in alladin they say salam and good evening to you? we say salamAT. because we're that much cooler. Aladin can't touch us. hannah your email still makes me laugh ;) i love it. i hope you get your senior pics soon.  hahahahahaha so guess what the girl to guy ratio is in our district.... 8 girls to 3 guys. That WOULD happen! pffft who needs hot elders anyway? NOT me. really tho. Stay awwwaaaay from the elders. We had a lesson on sunday. She was the funniest old woman (what is she to you? an old woman) lady talking to us. She said DONT TOUCH THE ELDERS.... but keep track of the ones youd like to touch then at reunions feel free! hahahahah. really tho i stay away from elders. they're much to flirty. So mga(means plural form) kasama are sister storey and sister porter. They are both suuuuuper cute head strong lovely sisters of God(ps we cant eat gum or say guys here soooo now sister is kinda the new word for dude. what up sister?) I love them very much. We taught our third lesson to keveeeeeen Yesterday. NAILED IT. oh hey kevin want to be baptized if you feel it's right? sure! if i know its right! good cuz youre going to know!!! (EVEN tho i know you already know we know you're mormon... joys of teaching probably we guess a mtc teacher. you cant pull the wool over our eyes kevin. you will be REbaptized!! oh aaaannnnd we did it memorized! HOT DOG. k im getting a little excited with the caps lock but thats how it goes. Ps Im sending home a letter about the new rules on emailing... they include emailing FRRRIIIIIENDS and getting 60 WHOLE BLESSED MINUTES!! 200% baby of what we had before. We say thank you prayers all the time now since we basically can pray and bear testimony like natives now. Not really but the gift of tongues is real! sooooo real. ( with hard work see small italized print for more on it)
But its real! If this were spanish(with icky spanish teachers who teach at Lehi high who shall not be named) it'd be like spanish 1 the first week and spanish 2 the second week. I can already sort of understand and talk to Kevin the native who talks really fast whom i love. mucho much. want to hear our motto? for our branch anyway... obediance brings blessings. strict obediance brings miracles. ummmm blessings... great! miracles BETTER!!! id like an order of miracles for my strict obediance please! we have seen miracles. hahahah so you should have seen me day 2 here. I was all what. is. going. on?!?!?! i felt dead last in my class cuz mgakasama are just suuper brilliant individuals that learn way fast  so i felt very inadquate so what did i do? i asked for a blessing from our cute(in a little boy way dont go thinking anything crazyu ;) dl. we have to best elders. theyre super funny. all 3 of them. today we went to the temple and besides being this spiritual feasting groud its a physical feasting groud. WHY HAVE I NOT BEEN TO THE TEMPLE CAFETERIA BEFORE NOW???  that place matches the rest of the temple. heavenly. loooooved it. so good. so cheap. great service. 5 stars.
so every day here feels like sunday. so when we get to sunday its more chilll but still like every other day. want to feel the spirit 24/7 and feel guilty for going to bed 5 minutes late come here. ITS AWESOME! it really is THHHHEEEE HARDEST THING i have EVER done! its the longest days of your life. like spiritual emotional and physical drainage and its addicting. im getting sucked into it and i just want to love everyone not complain and be EXACTLY obediant.
soooo gym time comes around i head up stairs and start on the track. looking like the slowest cow of a sister missionary to ever attempt to jog. i really wasnt going to slow but everyone was crrruuuuiiisssing. until they started to drop. ah Ha! (said like mario). oh hey elder i thought youd last longer then me? guess not! i ran further and longer then anyone else up there. men and women alike. then i did push ups. maaaan push ups. apparently girls dont do that here cuz i got looks from boys pumping weights like what are you DOING? ummm working out? tell coach ZAN SHIN! and i creamate. k competition is bad but it feels so good to exercise and run 31 minutes straight. yes 31. not XC status but im over it. 4 miles with no music on a small track in something to be proud of. until you curl up after the workout in your room in the fetal position cuz you ran just a bit to hard. whatever. im over it. 
so everyone here is going nuts over the food and not in a good way. all i here is complaints. and then im just in a corner looking like a dejected animal like... i like it.... ha i actually love it! yaayayaya to meal times. its no temple cafeteria but i do like it much.
sooo why havent i got any letters? im thinking maybe i told you the wrong email. buuuutt please dear elder me! all week! its way easy and i get it that day and then i can write more to you on p days. also if possible could you tell lindsay smith jentry mcgregor grant lamont(his number is on my phone)  and anyone else pertanent its legal to write me so please do! id really like it. email me people!!! dear elder me!! if you love me. write me! really. PS: shout out to cheyenne for being the first and only one to write me of my friends. I love her :) she is awesome and her letter made my day.
mahal kita pamilya! (not sure if its correct sentence structure oh well)
sister rachel Hansen
the work rolls forth and im enjoying every minute of the mtc as advised love you! 

one more thing! (hahahaha that's what uncle says on jacccckkkiiiiie chan!)  i still have 15 minutes hahahahahahahaha. please get me some of my friends emails. pleeeeeaaassseeee! i really want to write some of them! BUT not nearly as much as i want to write you because i ADORE YOU all! really you guys. i about flipped when i saw i had a package. so more random things. in our room we have these things called narnia holes that contain hidden treasures. sister porter found a temple reccomend case and some sheet music! guess what i found??? wala. that means nothing. but i did open a drawer and find...... ha im not going to tell you cuz its coming in my letter that was in response to all your letters so ill talk more to you in that letter. but for now you can wait. and wait. ah ha. im so sneaky. P day is really so great. i neeeedded this! i cant believe i made it to  this day. this place is really a time warp. like it slows down the days speeeds up the weeks, slow weeks, fast months. thats how it goes. im trying to love every second and just laugh. and i do. i state whatever i feel like as long as its righteous and just let it go. so thank you so much for the gum :) i cant eat it during the day which is kinda puh-lame but i can during our wind down our so thanks! im stocked! ps: ike said he would write me. tell him to write me. he promised. prrrrooomiised. write me!  love you! love my comps. this work is soooo so so hard. just letting you know. its like the hardest workout ive ever done times to for how it drains. but if you give your whole self you can be blessed! got to go do more stuff and fill my schedule cuz 5 minutes a day wasted over 2 years is 18 days. at least thats what the guro(teacher) said.

paalam :)

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